“Generating Expertise … and imprinting a Cooperative Conscience … within the Next Generation”

LEARN.coop takes the values of WIRED DIFFERENTLY… integrating the neuroscience of WIRED TO GROW, in the on-boarding of NextGen cooperative professionals … who are WIRED TO CAREand WIRED TO CONNECT  with cooperative members, the cooperative community, as well as the cooperative board and other cooperative employees.

Welcome to Learn.coop!

LEARN.coop is a multi-sided / multi-stakeholder cooperative learning community designed to compress the path to competency by 50% for cooperative managers, employees, directors and trustees.

COMPETENCIES form the foundation of the LEARN.coop educational experience, and from those competencies, PRE-BOARDING courses (comprised of videos, animations, simulations and summary articles) are developed, which compliment the ‘face-to-face’ NRECA instructor-led courses. Finally, a community of peer-advisors and mentors COLLABORATES together online in analyzing SCENARIO-BASED case studies, of real-life cooperative situations.

LEARN.coop: “A Different Mental Model – Flipping the Classroom”

To understand the power of mental models, consider Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, a physician working in Vienna in the 1840s. He observed that the death rate for puerperal fever fell tenfold when doctors washed their hands before treating patients. He shared his findings with his colleagues to introduce handwashing as a standard practice. Despite the data, his fellow doctors dismissed his findings. In fact, his colleagues and even his own wife thought he was losing his mind. They had him committed to a mental institution where he died shortly thereafter. The medical community could not appreciate the value which such a change as ‘handwashing’ could provide, because ‘handwashing’ did not fit their ‘mental model’ of medicine.

A New Mental Model for Online Education: The FLIPPED Classroom

LEARN.coop provides each participant with a Personal Competency Profile, consisting of core knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) needed in specific positions of responsibility.

This video introduces the NRECA Education & Training Department’s focus on CORE COMPETENCIES, and how implementing a competency-based educational learning community is the focus of LEARN.coop.

The PRE-BOARDING process is based upon the work of Dr. Thiagarajan, and his “4 Door” educational methodology. “4 Door” learning is a platform where participants choose their own path through the various materials to become acquainted with the core concepts and terminology. Based upon their personal learning styles, a participant can delve into resources in the LIBRARY, test their current knowledge in the GAME/SIMULATION room, discuss the concepts and topics with other participants in the CAFE, and demonstrate their understanding of concepts and terminology in the CRUCIBLE/ASSESSMENT area.

For most people, having help in getting started and ‘learning the ropes’ is critical for successfully learning new responsibilities. LEARN.coop provides a peer-to-peer and mentoring network, designed to provide the support and guidance needed to enhance skills, knowledge and abilities … taking them to the next level. Mentoring increases collaboration among individuals from different generations and cultural backgrounds, for effective preparation of the next generation of leaders to take the reins.

This video describes the benefits of having ON-DEMAND availability of mentors, as well as an extensive, searchable knowledge-base of cooperative information.