Lessons From the Mouse

A Guide to Applying Disney World’s Secrets of Success to Your Organization

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What can you learn from a mouse? When that mouse has been delighting hundreds of millions of people for decades, it turns out that there are some lessons that can be applied by any organization, as well as any individual within the organization. This highly interactive virtual training pulls back the curtain and reveals the core values Disney World expects each of their over sixty-thousand “cast members” to live every day, and how those principles can be implemented in your organization.

Dennis Snow brings you Lessons From The Mouse in his new virtual training system. After decades of experience at Walt Disney World, he’ll show you and your organization exactly how to deliver an experience that results in intense customer loyalty.

Dennis Snow’s “Lessons From the Mouse” is fun and highly interactive. Users learn at their own pace, on-demand 24/7, with testing and built in progress tracking. It is available to individuals and entire teams.

This course will train your organization how to:

  • See your operation through the eyes of your customers.
  • Create consistent customer wows.
  • Perform with an experience mindset, not a task mindset.
  • Ensure that your organization’s “backstage” environment never impacts the “onstage” customer experience.
  • Make personal accountability a part of the organization’s culture.


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We know you’ll love his presentations and GREAT content.

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