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We introduce you to the book, “Wired Differently”, and through it, the values and ideas of the cooperative culture.

Wired Differently explores the unique business model and leadership principles behind NISC’s impressive results.

Imagine this:
• What if your leaders placed service for others before their position and title?
• How would your employees and your organization benefit if values were more than a plaque on the wall; they were put into action?
• What kind of business results could
 you expect when your leaders serve first; your values are lived out loud; and collaboration fuels your culture?

Wired Differently offers a compelling business case for these principles in practice, revealing their transformative power to create a high-performance, collaborative culture. Through the inspirational story of NISC and its best practices, the cooperative model can show the rest of the corporate world a different way, the path to a different kind of organization, where values in action engage employees, delight customers and spark better results—where business is wired differently.


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